Fall 2021 Schedule

Advanced Software Engineering does not have a typical class schedule. Instead, this course consists of:

  • Activities done with the entire class. These are required. The class will meet in person in CO 209.
  • Activities done in team subgroups.
  • Team activities, with or without your advisor.

You must monitor this schedule closely, to ensure you and your team meet all the course deadlines and requirements. Forgetting to read the schedule is not an excuse for missing an assignment.

Quick Schedule Overview

Sprint Dates Whole class Meetings Subgroups Documents/Tasks
1 August 24 - September 03 08/24
Guest Speaker
Course goals and Scrum
  Team contract
2 September 07 - September 24 09/07
Guest Speaker
Design proposal
3 September 27 - October 08 09/28
Guest Speaker
Software Engineering Ethics
Ethics paraphrase
Peer evaluation
4 October 11 - October 29 10/12
Guest Speaker
Quality Assurance & Testing
Project quality &
ethical practice
Quality assurance plan
5 November 01 - November 12 11/02
Guest Speaker
Finishing strong
6 November 15 - December 08 11/16
Guest Speaker
Final Presentation Logistics

11/30, 12/02, & 12/07
Final presentations
Presentation schedule
Practice talks
Final Report review
Final reports
Individual personal reflection
Peer evaluation


In general, students should plan to work at least 8-10 hours per week as a team (and 10-12 overall).

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We are not shipping your machine!” - Vidiu Platon