CSCI 448 - Mobile Application Development (Android)

Spring 2019 - App Store

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App Store

App Name Company Name Alpha
Web Video
21Strats Icon 21Strats Royal Flush (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
5E Character Sheet Icon 5e Interactive Character Sheet Nat20 Development (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Aquatrack Icon Aquatrack Pool People (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Android Icon Betr JuiceCJ (.zip) (.zip)
Android Icon Bill Me Bro Arcan Lasso Products (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Blaster Think Icon Blaster Think Blaster Think (.zip) (.zip)
Bracket Buster Icon Bracket Buster Prestige Worldwide (.zip) (.zip)
Android Icon CSCI448: The Appening Arthur and the Arthurnauts (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Signal Tracker Icon Cell Signal Tracker Backcountry Development (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Cheevos Icon Cheevos T.B.D. Apps (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Android Icon ClassMate StudiBuddi (.zip) (.zip)
Vertical Pursuits Icon Climb TrackR Vertical Pursuits (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Android Icon Connected EMF Studios (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Crush the Doges Icon Crush the Doges Doge Bug (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Cuckoo Icon Cuckoo Wet Willy Technologies (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Daily Quest Icon Daily Quest Tan Chumps (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Dork Icon Dork: The Adventure Game Spaghetti Coding (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
How High Am I Icon Dude, How High Am I? Something Enterprises (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon Dungeon Masters Campaign Companion Cyberform Co. (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Android Icon EZ-Dinner The Food Group (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Finding Trash Panda Icon Finding Trash Panda Fractal Tea Party (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Android Icon FooBar The Three Foo's (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
FoodCom Icon FoodCom MADCache (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Forever ToDo Icon Forever ToDo Running Late Co. (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Friendies Icon Friendies AJI 3 (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Gym Buddy Icon Gym Buddy Simple Gym (.zip) (.zip)
Harmonize Icon Harmonize Programming in Harmony (.zip) (.zip)
Smart Bees Icon Indoor Navigation Smart Bees, Co. (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Journal Share Icon JournalShare PLUS ULTRA (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Keep It Fresh Icon Keep It Fresh FreshApps (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Android Icon Kit10 Catstrophe (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon Knights Journey Knights Tour (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Android Icon Meet up for lunch? Make me an App (.zip) (.zip)
Modularity Icon Modularity Two-Bit Games (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
My Castle Not Yours Icon My Castle Not Yours Castle Crushers (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon My Networking Pal Golden Rush (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Android Icon Mysunc CRT (.zip) (.zip)
OddJobs Icon OddJobs slApp (.zip) (.zip)
Pantry Planner Icon Pantry Planner IFRHD Association (.zip) (.zip)
Android Icon Pet Cares Metazoans (.zip) (.zip)
Check Pet Icon PetCheck JCM (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Picture Purrfect Icon Picture Purrfect Little Geek Toys (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Pixelli Icon Pixelli WeMetOnLitMatch (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Android Icon Pocket Excuse Pocket Excusers (.zip) (.zip)
Pokalchemy Icon Pokálchemy Choolof Engineering (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Android Icon Project Projection Project Planners (.zip) (.zip)
Projectile Mandate Icon Projectile Mandate Jolly Roger Gaming (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Rooty Tooty Rotate and Shooty Icon Rooty Tooty Rotate and Shooty Fuzzy Ninja Studios (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Android Icon ScheduleMaster ©ompany, Inc.®, LLC™ (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Setlist Icon SetList Rogue One (.zip) (.apk)
Shogi Showdown Icon Shogi Showdown TED Industries (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon Ski-Pool GoldCo Tech (.zip) (.zip)
Snappy Decisions Icon Snappy Decisions Appigators (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Streetfood Master Icon StreetFood Master StreetFood Masters (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Sudoku Vision Icon Sudoku Vision Binary Fairy Incorporated (.zip) (.zip)
Android Icon SuperScorer Colorado School of Mimes (.zip) (.zip)
Survey Calculator Survey Calculator Survey Technologies (.zip) (.zip) Webpage
Android Icon Suspension Guru Team Race Car (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon TODO: The Smart To-Do List Easier Today (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Android Icon Text-Mate The Dirty Donkies (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Textnado Icon Text-Nado Rosebud Studios (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Android Icon The Golden App Twisted Giraffes (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage Video
Android Icon Thinkboard Think Team (.zip) (.zip)
Android Icon Trip Finder Holo (.zip) (.zip)
Trvl Icon Trvl Traveldroid (.zip) (.zip)
Twovie Times Icon Twovie Times FanDB (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Usiku Icon Usiku Tarehe (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video
Vulture Icon Vulture The Vultures (.zip) (.zip)
Werewolf Icon Werewolf Slap Happy App Company (.zip) (.zip) (.apk) Webpage
Android Icon WhoDat Bros (.zip) (.zip) Webpage Video

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