CSCI 441 - Computer Graphics

Fall 2018

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Dr. Jeffrey Paone
Office: 280C Brown Hall
Phone: x2587
Email: jpaone {at} mines {dot} edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 1 PM - 3 PM,
Thursday 10 AM - 12 PM,
or By Appointment


Monday, Wednesday 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Marquez Hall 226


Friday 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Marquez Hall 026


Exam II Review Questions are posted.
SQ2 posted.
L11 & L12 posted.

Lab11 has now been posted.

A6, A7, and FP are all now live!

Lab10 has now been posted.

Lab09 has now been posted. You will want to reference the slides from Monday & Wednesday along with the Shaders checklist to complete all the necessary steps.

A5 has now been posted.

Lab08 has now been posted. You will want to reference the slides from Wednesday and the VAO/VBO checklist to complete all the necessary steps.

The Leaderboard has been updated! Check it out to see where you rose to!

The Game Center has been updated with the Findias submissions! Go on over and take a look at the new additions and see if you can beat any of the high scores.
The Student Pages have been updated to show off work done through A3. Take a look!
The Achievements Page and the All-Time Achievements Page have gotten an upgrade. Now you can see all the Heroes that have earned a particular achievement.
Lab05 has been posted.

Midterm Project - Super Mario Kart has now been posted.
Lab04 has now been posted.

A4 has now been posted. A4 is now due Thursday Sept 27.

Lab03 has now been posted.

Leaderboard has been updated!! There was lots of movement after this last week.
Hall of Fame is now live!
Student Pages are now up!

Lab02 has now been posted.

A2 World Map images have now been posted.
A3 has now been posted.
Leaderboard update will be coming shortly.

Lab01 has now been posted.

A2 and SQ1 are both posted!
The Leaderboard has been updated as of this morning.
The GameCenter is ready to go for Asgard, Olympus, and Aaru.

The Leaderboard has been updated as of this morning.

The Leaderboard has already been updated!!
Lab00 is already up as well.

The Leaderboard is LIVE!
A1 - Print Your Swag has been posted!

A0 - Start Your Engines has been posted!

Welcome to CSCI 441 - Computer Graphics! While there is not too much here just yet, here is a quick guide to where everything is. You will be able to find the labs & homework assignments on the assignments page. As we cover more topics and more examples are used in class, they will become available on the resources page. The schedule page will list the reading required for the upcoming class - you will want to visit this page most often. Until then, be sure to look at the syllabus and familiarize yourself with the course and this website. Don't forget to check out the leaderboard as it will very soon have all your heroes listed!

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