CSCI 477: Elements of Games and Game Development

Professor: Mark Baldwin
Telephone: 303-384-2486
Room: BB 312

Class Description

This course provides an overview of computer and video game development along with practical game projects designed to introduce the student to the computer entertainment industry. Topics will include the nature of games, the game player, game play, game design, game mechanics, story and character, game worlds, interface and the game development process. Students will be required to develop code both in C++ and with the use of a game engine.

Prerequisites: CSCI262 with a grade of C- or higher

3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.

Suggested Textbooks (Optional):

Title: Game Development Essentials
Author: Jeannie Novak
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Edition: 3rd
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-111-30765-3

Course Software and Hardware


For this course, you will need a personal computer running Windows or Mac OS for this class. Generally, your computer needs to be reasonably new and have a DX11 compliant graphics card to run the GameMaker IDE.


You need to purchase GameMaker Studio 2. There are several options…

*The creator versions have a couple of restrictions. You can only run the specific version on the designated platform and it will only create an executable for that platform. It also has a fixed GameMaker splash screen.

The software can be purchased from here… YoYo Games

You may also wish to install Visual Studio on your PC.
You can get Visual Studio for free through CCIT Imagine

Class Topics

The following are some of the primary topics: