Course Information (Fall 2012)

CSCI-422 User Interface Design


Cyndi Rader, , website:

Course Goals:

The purpose of this course is to:

Required Textbooks:

Designing with the Mind in Mind, Jeff Johnson
Brave NUI World, Wigdor and Wixon

Student Evaluation:

Activity Percent
Attendance/Participation 15%
Chapter Quizzes 20%
Presentation 15%
Homework 25%
Final Project 25%

Late Policy:

In-class exercises and chapter quizzes must be submitted on time (barring major illness or similar extenuating circumstances).

For other assignments, late policy is minus 2 points per day.

Additional requirement for team projects: If I hear from your partner/team members that you don't reply to emails and therefore potentially jeopardize getting an assignment done, you will lose half the points on that assignment.

Also, partner exercises are created to encourage discussion or to share knowledge among partners. Doing this type of assignment on your own is not acceptable. No point deductions for now, but if this becomes an issue the policy may be revised later.

Quizzes must be turned in on time.