CSCI 261 - Programming Concepts - Fall 2021



Final Exam room assignments have been posted. Be sure you attend the correct location for your section.


Set XC has been posted and is due Wednesday, December 8 11:59 PM.


Set 8 has been posted and is due Tuesday, December 7 11:59 PM.


Set 7 has been posted and is due Tuesday, November 30 11:59 PM.


SFML Project templates have been posted.


Exam II Review Questions have been posted.


Final Project has been posted and is initially due Friday, November 12 11:59 PM.


Set 6 has been posted and is due Tuesday, November 09 11:59 PM.


Past exam solutions have been posted.


Final Exam date updated.


A4 has been updated slightly to include input validation.
Set 5 has been posted and is due Tuesday, October 26 11:59 PM.
Some Exam I Review Materials have already been posted. Solutions to past exams and additional materials will follow.


Set 4 has been posted and is due Thursday, October 07 11:59 PM.


A2 test cases have been updated. The final test case is now investigating 5.00001 and 5.00010.


Set 3 has been posted and is due Tuesday, September 28 11:59 PM.


Set 2 has been posted and is due Thursday, September 16 11:59 PM.


Lab1C has been posted BUT do not start on it until class on Monday. It will be done together in class so be sure to follow the written instructions to properly receive credit.

08/23/2021 11:10 AM

Lab0 MinGW link fixed.

08/23/2021 09:30 AM

Grad Students - Looking for information regarding the online section of 261? Head over to Canvas and you'll find everything in there.


Set 0 has been posted and is due Tuesday, August 24 11:59 PM.
Set 1 has been posted and is due Thursday, September 02 11:59 PM.

08/18/2021 2:00 PM

Exam I time has been updated to reflect new common hour exam times of 8:00pm - 9:30pm.

08/18/2021 10:15 AM

Tutor schedule set.

08/18/2021 09:25 AM

Office Hours set, rooms to be finalized.


Exam I rooms have been posted.

08/16/2021 4:30 PM

The schedule has been posted.

08/16/2021 12:45 PM

The course syllabus has been posted.
Grader and Tutor names posted. Schedule still to come.
Office Hours started, will be completed.


Welcome to CSCI 261 - Programming Concepts! While there is not too much here just yet, here is a quick guide to where everything is. You will be able to find the labs & homework assignments on the assignments page. As we cover more topics and more examples are used in class, they will become available on the downloads page. The schedule page will list the reading required for the upcoming class - you will want to visit this page most often. Until then, familiarize yourself with the course and this website.

Bookmark this webpage - you will be here very often. Be sure to continually reference the Style Guide to be sure you are following our course style (and it doubles as an additional example!).