CSCI 261 - Programming Concepts

Fall 2018

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Set 3 has been posted! Take a look and get started.


Set 1 is now due Wednesday, August 29.


Set 2 has been posted! Take a look and get started.


Sets 0 and 1 have been posted! Take a look and get started.


Welcome to CSCI 261 - Programming Concepts! While there is not too much here just yet, here is a quick guide to where everything is. You will be able to find the labs & homework assignments on the assignments page. As we cover more topics and more examples are used in class, they will become available on the resources page. The schedule page will list the reading required for the upcoming class - you will want to visit this page most often. Until then, be sure to look at the syllabus and familiarize yourself with the course and this website. Read all of the pages, especially those linked on the resources page.

Bookmark this webpage - you will be here very often. Be sure to continually reference the Style Guide to be sure you are following our course style (and it doubles as an additional example!).

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