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Welcome to CSCI 102
Intro to Computer Science - LAB!

CSCI 102, which is the LAB course for CSCI 101, meets twice a week and requires online work as well. Thursdays are "Studio" days where you should plan to attend and participate in a group. On Studio day, you will work in pairs collaboratively learning the programming concepts for the week. When working in pairs, each student will submit a copy of the pair's work through an autograder. This is to be sure each team member gets a grade for the submitted assignment. Bring a laptop if you have one (laptop required for those in a classroom).

You will also be assigned online work in the form of "Labs" or take home assignments. These Labs are to be completed individually by each student. You are encouraged to obtain assistance from an instructor or mentor through scheduled office hours. The amount of time spent on each Lab will partially depend on your prior coding experience (e.g., students new to coding will need more time). Labs must be submitted prior to their due date.

Here is a quick guide to where everything is on this site:
  • The schedule page lists what we will be doing in each upcoming class; you should visit this page often, as it provides details on what you need to do to prepare for Studio (e.g., watch video, complete zyBook chapter).
  • The assignments page provides a schedule of due dates for items that need to be turned in (mostly Python code, but occasionally other things). Most (not all) due dates in 102 are Tuesdays by class time or at 11:45pm. Check the assignment page and Canvas for specific due dates.
  • Be sure to read the syllabus page carefully. And if you ever have a question on course logistics, the syllabus page likely has the answer.
  • The contact page is also useful to discover when your instructor/TAs are available.
We look forward to spending the semester with you!