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CSCI 101 Going Online:
        Getting Ready ... Read/Do before 1st Zoom class
        Moving 101 Online ... details on each piece of our course in our new environment
        Course Support Info ... info on how to get help virtually
        Current Office Hour ... document updated for current office hour

Recording Zoom Lectures:
Zoom-hosted lectures in this course will be recorded and these recordings will include any sound made by class members. We realize not everyone is comfortable with being recorded. If you do not want to be recorded, keep your microphone muted and ONLY use the chat feature to interact with the instructor/class during the lecture. (Chat messages are not recorded.)

If you want to attend lecture and be 100% anonymous, you can (1) join the lecture using the name/alias of your choice and (2) turn off both audio and video. If you stay muted (both video and audio) and use an alias, then you should be unidentifiable in the recorded lecture.

Recording links will be made available to all class members within a reasonable amount of time after the lecture. For privacy reasons, we ask that you do NOT share the recording link with non-class members.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new way of doing lecture. If you have any concerns that have not been addressed, contact your instructor.

Exams for CSCI 101 are:
            Wednesday, February 26, 2020 (7:30-9pm) - DONE
            Tuesday, April 14, 2020 (7:30-9pm) - DONE
            Wednesday, April 22, 2020 (Python; 7:30-9pm) - UPDATE: choose day/time (MDT)
            Tuesday, May 5, 2020 (Final; 1-3pm)

Active Learning Sessions (ALS)
     Attend/Participate for extra credit (4 pts/each)
     Topic 1: Quality Code Writing (week Feb 10th)
     Topic 2: Debugging (week Mar 10th)
     Topic 3: Graphics (week Mar 30th)
     Topic 4: Recursion (week Apr 15th)

Welcome to CSCI 101- Intro to Computer Science! Here is a quick guide to where everything is on this site. The schedule page will list what we will be doing in each upcoming class; you will want to visit this page most often, as it provides details on what you need to do to prepare for our upcoming class (e.g., video watching, zyBook sections). To encourage you to keep up with the course, we will have a short quiz at the start of almost every class. (You'll need to purchase/activate a Clicker for the quizzes.) The assignments page will provide a schedule of due dates for items that need to be turned in (e.g., writings, Python code). For any question on course logistics, check out the syllabus page, as it might contain the answer you need. The contact page is also useful to discover when your instructor/peer mentors are available. We look forward to spending the semester with you!

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